Blow your career up TODAY!

  1. The main and absolutely easiest key to making sure your music goes as far as possible is what?
    Any artist should have at least one basic mix and master on the main song they are promoting. In saying this, I do not mean a song that was screamed to a 20 dollar microphone that your buddy Jimothy edited in his grandma’s garage. Long story short, go to Fiverr and look up mixing and mastering if you do not know anyone. I guarantee you will find something around 25 dollars or less.
  2. Branding is, in my opinion, the most important part of being an artist, mainly because you cannot market a product period without the said product actually being marketable. Please take this advice and go create a free website or go to Bluehost and get a custom domain for around 5 dollars or less. Also, the more branding you can do the better, things such as Album art, social media, youtube content, clothing sales, stickers, literally use anything that could help your music grow and make you some money at the same time.
  3. Have at least 100 dollars on hand at all times, and yes I do mean at all times. With technology being what it is today you have no clue when that big chance you have been looking for will pop up or where it could pop up from. Be ready!
  4. Establish your product at the top of Google SEO. This basically means through grinding, networking, and keyword placement make sure that your name is literally everywhere so that Google can pick up you and your traffic. If you want to learn more about this check out this link right here
    The source is actually Google so trust me, it will help!
  5. Fiverr is an insane tool you can use to your advantage, watch out though I’ll leave some links below that prove there are two sides to every story. First things first, if you do not have a Fiverr account create one here for free, and with a special bonus as well. *
    When you open your account look through the gigs and get your opinion of what looks real and what doesn’t, What I’ll need you to do now is entirely trash that opinion. Fiverr is a great platform with amazing services, in the same breath though there are multiple individuals on the site that buy their reviews, get friends to buy gigs, or buy their own.
    You must, and I mean MUST be careful and do your background research on these sellers. Other than this one small hiccup it’s a great place to buy services and make money at the same time. Here are some links to help you learn about the platform:
  6. Social media is an insane influence on the current music industry. These people here even prove this and provide a ton of information.
    Long story short if you need help growing or marketing your social media message me @mutedavinci for personal insight on the subject, or visit these websites:
    Google ads, a top-ranked marketing platform if you look the current data up. That right there is a secret a lot of people would never tell you about so go ahead and do some research after checking out all of these tools I’m giving you.
  7. Okay, I shouldn’t have to link a source for this one and honestly, you guys should know what I’m about to say so I won’t stay on the topic for very long. The topic I’m speaking of is footwork. Footwork, personal marketing, grinding, interacting, or whatever you may call it is still, in my opinion, the best way to gain real followers and fans alike. I would most definitely rather have 1,000 real fans to interact with that bought my products than 1,000 fake ones. Think about it, if you took the time you already spent on the internet and applied it to texting, phone calls, emailing, and social platform marketing how far could you honestly get? The possibilities are endless.
  8. Distribution, this one can be tricky. With all of the yellow tape around artists, copyrights, beat licensing, music releases, and more how do you know which distribution company to use? At first, I would use DistroKid there’s a link here.
    One because they handle royalty collection and it’s so easy to get on all the major platforms your favorite artists are on. After you gain a little recognition though, I would use a site called BMI to register yourself, sound exchange, and there are a few more to get your personal business licensing copyrights, publishing, and all that right for a very long time without anyone having the overhead of holding said things for you.
    Spinnup is also amazing in my opinion.
  9. I do not care what any source says or any link, news story, whatever. In todays music industry, from personal failures, trials, and tribulations you NEED a music video. They are not that expensive, especially with the new iPhone x and this professional photo link right here, you will be on top in no time.
  10. Last but not least, you need radio play and consistency and again, that is from personal experience all of these are just about equally important but do them in this order and you will be the talk of your town. I’ve been featured on FOX, CBS, The CW, NBC, ABC, and Telemundo based off of this system and you can be too. I believe in you guys!
    Remember contact me @mutedavinci or