How to improve your website traffic rates

SEO your page wouldn’t be alive without it.

Hi, I’m Mute Davinci, I have been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, and plenty more! Today, I want to show you guys how you can one, get your knowledge graph. Two, how you can takeover SEO rankings. Three, finally I will show you how to claim your knowledge graph and post from it.

I’m a musician from Chattanooga, Tennessee, a rapper to be more specific. taking over things on Google is way way way easier than you think. A few key words, a few good ranking da sites and a quick claiming of your knowledge graph then BOOM you look famous. Number one, if you’re an artist you need to check out Fiverr and Cameo. These are two sites that will either help yo with “SEO” marketing or Cameo will provide you with celebrity shoutouts to get your social ranking up. You’re going to need distribution to all major platforms which will be really easy and really expensive, also contain the backing of a huge distribution company if you dm me here. This will establish you and your artist name. Whatever way that doesn’t put you on top of the rankings you can make up for with Fiverr “blog posts” to high da websites. You’re going to want to either tell people to link your media in their websites and start a blog yourself like I did. All of this stuff will get you closer to being on top of Google and getting that verified badge on instagram. After hard work, dedication social media attention, fan gain, and seo marketing psh you’ll be done in no time. Have an ID ready, take yourself to google, search yourself, see that little box with your picture and what you do? Yeah, click claim knowledge panel at the bottom and just follow the instructions. Earn more clout tokens next time here on, The Clout Bank!