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I feel like a lot of these artists out here just do this for a name, or for some clout, slick why I called this The Clout Bank, so I could watch how much traffic I would get just based off of the name. It’s been a lot to be entirely real here. So, anyways I want to offer any indie artists and only indie artists, if I find out you got a label and you try to ride my wave I’ma find you and smack you, a free feature. Also, if you need a free music review I got you, just send me all your links, what you want covered, any promo videos whatever to this Instagram here. You can even send anything to this email I could care less just let me know somehow I mainly stay on Instagram or twitter. A lot of people are already hating on me because of stuff like this but I don’t entertain negativity and all of y’all need to understand as long as you keep positive and stay pushing, nobody can stop you. In saying all of this, look, I’m doing something most artists would never do because I just like to see real talent get in the game and take tf off. If you need radio play me and some people at Beatbopper, Hush Media, and Amada Records have teamed up to help independent artists. As long as you have ten dollars, and want radio play, celeb shout-outs and other stuff like that visit this link here when you do that follow the instructions and when you get to the store read the description carefully when buying an album, look what you get as an independent artist. If you want to thank me give me a shout-out on Instagram my username is @themutedavinci, or you can tell a friend, or give me a follow on Spotify here.

Patrick Nelson aka Mute Davinci in a blue jacket

WRCB TV News Feature

Patrick Nelson, also known by his stage name “Mute Davinci” delivers hit after hit. The Chattanooga artist releases his EP and 3 other singles within a month.

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mute Davinci Breaks all of the Rules to Define “Breaking News”

I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up, and handle it.”— Tupac

Chattanooga Tennessee, United States: Round Table Affiliation is proud to announce another new artist, Patrick Nelson, also known as “Mute Davinci”. Mute Davinci is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and overall artist in every sense of the word. He has performed on stage once, as a hype man for the artist Matt Movin’. With a sound like this, I trust that you wouldn’t believe that statement even for a second. With a number of popular songs such as “Nobody,” “Updated:,” and the new viral sensation “Family” this kid seems like he is off to an outstanding start.

Over the past 8 years, he’s worked on multiple groundbreaking songs, even writing for some of the best, I do have to add that he said those names were “confidential due to a business agreement.” He recently released the hit EP “Breaking News,” the singles “Updated:” Too Long,” and last but most definitely not least the viral hit “Family” with a feature from Matt Movin’ on that track specifically. All of these songs except for “Family” which will be exclusively on YouTube until the 18th of June are available on every major streaming platform. Platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Kkbox, Amazon, Google, YouTube, plus about 150 more platforms on top of those.

What makes Mute Davinci as well as everyone at The Round Table Affiliation different is the superior lyrical delivery that catches the attention of any listener from the get-go. The mentality of Mute specifically shows in his music, he makes statements on the real day to day aspects of street life as well as what it’s like to come back from that. The raw, un-cut, facts of what it’s like for your head.
Visit his blog athttps://www.thecloutbank.com/

His music and personal website: www.mutedavinci.com

Mute Davinci is consistently growing into the artist he is truly meant to encapsulate; an artist that could influence millions with his work. An artist who, within his first month, influenced over 50,000. When you’re listening to Mute the music can definitely ease your mind yet bring out a side of you that most don’t want to regularly face. In saying that, he also has the party hard summer tracks that we all needed.

Mute was asked what message he wanted to deliver in his music career. He responded to that question with “I do not care about the money, it is nice though, what I really care about is helping even one person cope with the things we have to cope with in this let us just say off the wall generation.” He doesn’t just want to entertain the audience, whomever that may be. He wants to help. He wants to help people deal with things such as depression, separation anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and the list goes on and on all the way to a dissociative personality, which he personally suffers from on a daily basis.

I guess you could say the unorthodox approach has earned him praise from a lot of respectable people in the current “rap game.” Again, when asked who he said: “As I said, some things are meant to be kept in the classifieds.”
His work has been recognized on all social media platforms, which include but are not limited to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and multiple streaming sites. His main platform, Instagram had 153 followers 8 months ago. He now has over 70 thousand. Long story short, this is a person to look out for.

For more information, please contact p.nelson9287@gmail.com, or please visit
Media Contact
Patrick Nelson
423-451-6477 or p.nelson9287@gmail.com
Instagram @themutedavinci

Blow your career up TODAY!

  1. The main and absolutely easiest key to making sure your music goes as far as possible is what?
    Any artist should have at least one basic mix and master on the main song they are promoting. In saying this, I do not mean a song that was screamed to a 20 dollar microphone that your buddy Jimothy edited in his grandma’s garage. Long story short, go to Fiverr and look up mixing and mastering if you do not know anyone. I guarantee you will find something around 25 dollars or less.
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  3. Have at least 100 dollars on hand at all times, and yes I do mean at all times. With technology being what it is today you have no clue when that big chance you have been looking for will pop up or where it could pop up from. Be ready!
  4. Establish your product at the top of Google SEO. This basically means through grinding, networking, and keyword placement make sure that your name is literally everywhere so that Google can pick up you and your traffic. If you want to learn more about this check out this link right here https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en
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    You must, and I mean MUST be careful and do your background research on these sellers. Other than this one small hiccup it’s a great place to buy services and make money at the same time. Here are some links to help you learn about the platform:
  6. Social media is an insane influence on the current music industry. These people here even prove this and provide a ton of information.
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  7. Okay, I shouldn’t have to link a source for this one and honestly, you guys should know what I’m about to say so I won’t stay on the topic for very long. The topic I’m speaking of is footwork. Footwork, personal marketing, grinding, interacting, or whatever you may call it is still, in my opinion, the best way to gain real followers and fans alike. I would most definitely rather have 1,000 real fans to interact with that bought my products than 1,000 fake ones. Think about it, if you took the time you already spent on the internet and applied it to texting, phone calls, emailing, and social platform marketing how far could you honestly get? The possibilities are endless.
  8. Distribution, this one can be tricky. With all of the yellow tape around artists, copyrights, beat licensing, music releases, and more how do you know which distribution company to use? At first, I would use DistroKid there’s a link here.
    One because they handle royalty collection and it’s so easy to get on all the major platforms your favorite artists are on. After you gain a little recognition though, I would use a site called BMI to register yourself, sound exchange, and there are a few more to get your personal business licensing copyrights, publishing, and all that right for a very long time without anyone having the overhead of holding said things for you.
    Spinnup is also amazing in my opinion.
  9. I do not care what any source says or any link, news story, whatever. In todays music industry, from personal failures, trials, and tribulations you NEED a music video. They are not that expensive, especially with the new iPhone x and this professional photo link right here, you will be on top in no time. http://bit.ly/2Rd3WxN
  10. Last but not least, you need radio play and consistency and again, that is from personal experience all of these are just about equally important but do them in this order and you will be the talk of your town. I’ve been featured on FOX, CBS, The CW, NBC, ABC, and Telemundo based off of this system and you can be too. I believe in you guys!
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‘Is Gangsta Rap Really Violent?’ (2016) — Lee Duigon

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I’m still wondering what would happen if they gave a rap concert at a Bernie Sanders rally.

Then I remembered hardly anybody ever comes to political rallies.

But they would definitely draw a crowd if they offered gangsta rap along with the open borders, and global warming.