Free Music Reviews, Write – Ups, Radio Play, and more

Mute Davinci wants you to hear about the next promo, I mean album, you should be very interested in buying.

Promotion like this is what helps you change the game.

Go to any of the albums below, peep the extras you get for free when getting some great, quality music from artists like Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Quavo, C-Murder, Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran, and plenty more artists!!

Hit me up at this email, or text my phone number to get any more information about me or what I do. If you would like to do business let me know when you would like to setup a phone call.

30 day radio ad campaign for small business owners, 30 day airplay campaign for artists, Universal Music Group Submissions, Publishing Deals, and much more!!

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37343
United States
Cop the Summer Sauce Compilation Today! Comes With A FREE GIFT!!
Hosted By Dj Choice and Robin Thicke

Cop the Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica album Today! Comes With A FREE GIFT!!

Submit Your Demo To Amada Records/UMG Distribution.

Hosted By Dj Snow White and Redman The “Red Devil” album also comes with

Pyramid SocietyHosted By Ice T and Dj Choice
Go Check Out “Mute Davinci” on Spotify
Dj Snow White and Trina present “Hotline Miami” with FREE GIFTS!!
Hosted By Dj Choice and N.O.R.EGorilla Bags” this album purchase comes with
C MurderDey Put Da Blame On Me
The number one free marketing tool for indie artists

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