Rap Music with a Message

So, I’m fixing to make a lot of people either happy or upset. If you’re upset. Lol.

Long story short, me and really any of my friends had a kind of rough life, lost people, had to do what we had to do, and watched other people do what they had to. The difference between me and most people are, I slick do not care about the standards of social platforms ran by mostly bots. I do not care about the standards of industries that won’t let you in because of your talent but will let you in if you have money. I’ve offered people artists that could be the next Ariana Grande tomorrow. Guess what they said? Money. Someone tell me why hip-hop/rap started. You don’t know? Go look it up, then come back and finish this. There’s something wrong with America, that’s not my point because we all know this, and if you don’t please wake up. I have a message for the streets. Why are y’all worried about clout when your 4 bills late on the rent, your daughter has one diaper left, and you just caught herpes from the thot down the road. At that point, you fake. That’s just a handful of people. Tell me now, in 2019 who you would be more scared of, the 32 year old that used to sell dope and has a minor temper, major money, and c couple guns? Or, are you more scared of the 7 year old with no money, watches the news daily while his parents aren’t even awake to take care of him, watches out for his siblings, and carries a gun because of where he stays. I know for a fact that 7 year old will peel the top of your head for something irrelevant ten times faster than that grown man because he has no morals, no sense of right and wrong at all. Y’all have to realize I make violent music yeah, I’ve said some wild stuff just go listen to “family by me and Matt Movin’ though. There’s a point to that song, as well as every piece of art I will ever put out. Notice how the mood of the song changes. Y’all got to realize how influential you really are. How influential the internet, all these streaming platforms, social media sites, and the ads you run really effect these people, because if you don’t. I don’t know if I’m going to want to see ten years from now. By the way shoutout to Lil Baby for the new wave he’s ben on lately and shoutout to X. FR!! Y’all musicians out there keep pushing, remember who you are, and if you need any help just hit me up on Instagram @themutedavinci or sign up for the site at any time and message me here. You can also find me on all social media outlets, the news, all major platforms, and more. Just search Mute Davinci on Google. Thank you.

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